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                                        ARTIST STATEMENT

       Stimulated by nature and inspired by travel, my work is an investigation into the connections of life and how the texture of life affects those connections.I start this conversation with the elements earth, water,and fire. Within the process of working in clay, there are multiple pathways to an end result. Through coiling, pinching and altering, each piece begins in one direction and gracefully, or not so gracefully moves to another direction. The addition of other materials, such as paper, concrete, and soda help to further alter the outcome. I allow room for these changes; however, I am at times only left with vague traces of them.  As in life, my work has highs and lows, shiny and matte, glazed and raw surfaces. 

     For me there is a deep connection when working with a piece of earth, shaping or spinning it into a form, then combining it with fire to reveal a new result. Through investigating the conversations between elements, and allowing their reactions, we can learn so much about ourselves, often times resulting in empowerment through the process of creating.

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