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     It is my intention to create an atmosphere of acceptance where students of all ages can

explore their creativity freely. I want  to share my enthusiasm for the process as a way of

learning about oneself, our connection to others, and a way to deal with challenges.  It is

my belief that the process is just as important, if not more important, than the finished

piece. Facilitating this type of learning starts with providing the tools for the conversation.

     I start this conversation with an atmosphere of acceptance, as well as, the physical

tools needed to produce a piece of work.  I am mindful of setting this atmosphere long

before the participant begins the experience.  Through room arrangement, music and

intention the atmosphere is created. It is my intent to be open, respectful, and to let the

participant know that I care about them and their well-being. I appreciate and value each

participant, honoring them and their contribution, allowing their creative voice to be


    The conversation continues between the participant and the supplies, them and myself, the student and their peers, as well as, the student and the recipient or viewer of the art created.

Practicing an art or learning a new art, no matter how it is done promotes growth. The artwork created or shared, as well as, the relationships that are formed as part of this creative experience, embody the possibility for healing, self-awareness and contributes to our over all well being for both the artist and the recipient or viewer.

      With the use of visual aids the conversation expands, providing a level of understanding of a certain skill in art, followed up with questions and discussion.  The goals I set for participants are goals of personal growth and an understanding of self, and to open to learning or mastering new techniques. 

Let go of self -limiting beliefs and redefine the definition of creativity. In this way it is my hope that each participant will profit from information they discover about himself or herself through the creative process.

       I think of myself as a facilitator rather than a teacher. I am the person who sets up the variables, which I believe, are conducive to the exploration of ones creativity and self.  It is through the continued exploration of my own artistic practice, and my belief in art-making as a connecting and compassionate means of coping with challenges that will continue my own growth and learning.  I want to lead by example, be a part of a larger community conversation and movement about the relationship between creative expression and well-being.  In addition, I will continue to be open to new things, challenging myself to discover more about the connections between my process and my artistic practice as well as the people I work with.

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